Vintage Style Dresses from ModCloth

Here are some gorgeous Vintage style dresses from ModCloth. I hate using the word "retro" because I always equate it with reproduction. These are contemporary dresses inspired by vintage style but not intending to be exact replicas of the past. I like to peruse the ModCloth "Longer Lengths" Dresses list for some style ideas.


This dress has a very 1930s feel. I love how the delicate mint color contrasts with the black bowtie belt.

Cherry a Tune Dress

This one looks like a feedsack dress from the 1940s but much more elegant. And I absolutely adore the cherry design! It's too bad only smaller sizes are available. I hope it comes back in stock!

Salute to You Dress 

Are you a femme fatale just looking for an amazing Noir-ish dress? Well this one is for you!

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