Steal the Look - Jimmy Stewart

Doesn't Jimmy Stewart look like the epitome of elegance in this picture? I love everything about his look! The red paisley tie, the silver pocket square and the navy blue suit. It just works and it's a look that is very easy to duplicate today. I put together all the pieces with items available at Men's Wearhouse.

Burma Bibas Red Paisley Tie - Men's Wearhouse



Jones New York Navy Suit - Men's Wearhouse

Vintage Style Dresses from ModCloth

Here are some gorgeous Vintage style dresses from ModCloth. I hate using the word "retro" because I always equate it with reproduction. These are contemporary dresses inspired by vintage style but not intending to be exact replicas of the past. I like to peruse the ModCloth "Longer Lengths" Dresses list for some style ideas.


This dress has a very 1930s feel. I love how the delicate mint color contrasts with the black bowtie belt.

Cherry a Tune Dress

This one looks like a feedsack dress from the 1940s but much more elegant. And I absolutely adore the cherry design! It's too bad only smaller sizes are available. I hope it comes back in stock!

Salute to You Dress 

Are you a femme fatale just looking for an amazing Noir-ish dress? Well this one is for you!

Polka Dotted Belted Dress


I have this exact same dress but without the belt. I was hoping it would make its way back on to the racks at Lord and Taylor because it's such a fantastic piece. It's very 1940s and is flattering on almost all types. What I love about it is that the dark navy blue and the champagne dots are low key enough that you can have a lot of fun with louder accessories. Especially with lots of red! There are a few sizes left so make sure you get this one!

Pea Coats

Did you know that Pea Coats date back to the 1700s?! It's the ultimate classic look; a style that has lasted centuries. Here are some great Pea Coats available online if you are looking for a last minute coat addition for your winter wardrobe (because who isn't?).

Peas in a Pod Coat in Navy

$48.99 (sale price)

$34.98-$49.99 (sale price)

Comes in the following colors: Maple Syrup, Heather Grey, Xavier Navy, Cosmo Pink, Genevieve Pink (above - looks more cream to me), Roxy Gold, Sapphire Burst, Wild Cherry and Wowzer Red.


Pink Wedding Dresses

I am so late to this but I found out recently that Jessica Biel wore a pink dress on her wedding day. Did you know that pink wedding dresses are a vintage look? My mom wore a bright pink wedding dress for her 1978 wedding.

Here is a dress in "blush" available from David's Bridal. I think blush is a more contemporary look than bright pink. What do you think? Would you wear a pink wedding dress at your wedding?

Art Deco Style Bracelets and Cuffs

Hey, I'm back! Did you miss me? I saw a photograph of an amazing collection of Art Deco style cuffs from J.Crew. When I went to go find them online, there were no where to be seen. I hate when that happens! So I looked around online and found some other Art Deco style bracelets and cuffs. These will add a very classic and elegant look to any outfit.





This one is not really Art Deco but I wanted to share it because it's so beautiful!