Vintage Style Blouses from Shabby Apple

Ticket Booth Blouse

Ticket Booth Blouse - Shabby Apple

Cha-Cha Blouse - Shabby Apple

Lilly Blouse - Shabby Apple

Simone Blouse - Shabby Apple

I really love the design of this one. It comes in black and red (above).

Vintage Red for Valentine's Day

Going out with your sweetheart on Valentine's Day? Want a vintage look for your romantic evening out? You can't go wrong with a bit of vintage red! Here are some vintage red options available online. Just don't wear them altogether!


Arrow Waist Belt  - Forever 21




You can't go wrong with adding some bows to your wardrobe. Here are some classic vintage looks with bows!

$179.99 (sale price)

Peek-a-Bow Dress

Peek-a-Bow Dress - ModCloth

Bow Ring  - Forever21

Sweet Bow Stud Set - Forever21

Embellished Bow Scarf - Lord & Taylor
$99.00 (sale price)



20 Denier Bow Tights  - Forever 21

Steal the Look: Lana Turner in Dancing Co-Ed

I loved all of Lana Turner's outfits in Dancing Co-Ed (1939) including the one in the above picture. I found a match on ModCloth but the dress it Out of Stock! Boo.

Cutie Doodle Doo Dress In Hearts


The two dresses are so close you would have thought the designer made a copy of Lana's dress!