Cat-Eye Frames, His and Hers from

$225.75 (sales price)


I love cat-eye frames for eyeglasses! These are very 1950s. I can imagine a man with a crew cut, slick back hair, a nice suit and those Marc Jacobs cat-eye frames looking absolutely hip! I definitely need some new frames so I'll be keeping cat-eye ones in mind.

You can use promo code GLASSES75 for $75 off of your $375 or more order or GLASSES25 for $25 off or your $175 or more order to save a bit of money. Not sure when these expire. (post as of 10/30/12)

Vintage Style Items from Labworks of Target


This reminds me of a dress I currently own. It's something I think Kim Novak would have work in the late 1950s or early 1960s.


This picture makes it look like a top not a dress. It's a short dress but it's very 1960s.

Overall the collection is kind of boring with mostly grey, black and white and gold and silver metallics. I do like these two pieces and this grey sweater dress too.


Carryall Purse from Coach - Grace Kelly Style


Purses are the only fashion item that I will always splurge on. To me they are an investment and I only  buy Coach bags for every day use (I'll buy cheap purses for short-time use only). Coach purses are very well-made and last for years. I personally have four Coach bags and they have survived a lot of wear and tail and still look amazing.

This Coach carryall one is sleek and very classic. I love that it doesn't have the famous Coach pattern all over it. It's reminiscent (although not an exact replica) of the famous Grace Kelly Hermes purse.

Mossimo Cardigan from Target


I've been on the search for the perfect Mustard colored cardigan and this one seems pretty close. It's hard to tell coloring online, it's much better to see the product in person IF you are dead set on a certain color. This one is listed as Sierra Gold but it looks pretty Mustard to me.

This cardigan comes in a slew of colors including:
Brown Heather
Carmen Red Heather
Cherry Peony
Dark Heather Grey
Hedge Green Heather
Light Heather Oatmeal
Moroccan Blue
Painted Dessert Heather
Purple Heather

Cardigans are my #1 staple in my wardrobe. I can never have enough of them. I like to get them inexpensively so I usually buy them at H&M and Target. Cardigans are classic and give a nice vintage style to any outfit.

Men's Raincoat - Robert Mitchum Style

Robert Mitchum looked his very best in the classic noir film Out of the Past (1947).

I found a rain coat similar to the coat Robert Mitchum wears in the film. It's tan, double-breasted, belted and just classic.

$199.99 (sale price)

Rainy Day Outfit

A rainy day is one of the best times to show off your classic style. Here are some great vintage style pieces to build your rainy day outfit.

$24.98 (Clearence price)



These are available at your local beauty store or on Amazon. I have the Rain Glory #900 and wear it whenever I want to protect my hairdo from the rain.

Tie-Neck and Secretary Blouses

I love tie-neck blouses or secretary blouses. They are the perfect for wearing to the office and the sleeveless ones go great with a cardigan. It's a very classic style you'll find in several decades including the 1930s, 1940s and 1960s.

$54.00 ($37.80 sale price)

$53.38 (sale price)


Looks a bit see-through so if you get this make sure to wear an undershirt.


Brooches and Pins

It's so difficult to find stylish brooches and pins to accessorize outfits with, without blowing your budget on really expensive items. I found a few options online that were very nice and reasonably priced. Brooches and pins used to be worn a lot more often in the twentieth century than they are today. I think they need to make a comeback as they are a very classy way to adorn your outfit.



The back has a hair clip and a pin, just remove the clip to wear it like pin. This one comes in Peach (above), light blue and coral.

Rhinestone Frond Pin  from Forever21

$5.24 (sale price)




Excuse me while I go drool over this one.

Yellow Bow Cloche Hat


My friend Casey from Noir Girl sent me a link to this hat because she knows I just adore cloche hats. This one is beautiful and would make quite a statement with that yellow. It's much nicer than the belted yellow cloche from Target I found but a lot pricier.

Plaid Top Gloves with Tan at Target


These gloves are very 1940s and 1950s. They have a very masculine look and anyone would look very cool driving with these fantastic gloves on. 

I just adore the gloves that Target sells and most of my glove collection has been acquired there. I'll definitely be on the look out for these on my next trip.

Paisley Tie - Sam Waterston in Great Gatsby

My husband and I were watching The Great Gatsby (1974) the other day and noticed a paisley tie that Sam Waterston's character Nick Carraway wears. It's navy blue with a yellow, red and white paisley pattern.

My husband spotted the exact same tie at Mens Wearhouse.

I couldn't find this one on the Mens Wearhouse online store but this Navy Blue Paisley Tie is similar and I love how it's more monochromatic.


This adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby was filmed in the 1970s and tried to be as 1920s as possible although there were some noticeable gaffes. I'm not sure how 1920s this tie is but the paisley look is very classic.

Pink Mad Men Style Dress from ModCloth

Pink 1960s Mad Men style dress from ModCloth


This dress is definitely something Joan from Mad Men would wear. Whenever I look at ModCloth for dresses, I always go to their "Longer Lengths" section because overall their dresses are way too short.  This one is a good length and has cap sleeves. Wear it with a slip, some heels, stockings and a pair of stud earrings and you'll look like a million dollars.

Rhinestoned Bracelet from Forever 21

Rhinestoned Bracelet from Forever 21

I was watching the movie Born Yesterday (1950) the other day and was marveling at all the exquisite jewelry Judy Holliday was wearing. She was wearing a bracelet just like the (much cheaper) Rhinestoned version above.

You can sort of see the bracelet on her right wrist.

I love bracelets but I can't wear them most of the time because I work on a computer all day. However, this bracelet would make a great accessory to wear for a fancy party.

1927 Flapper Dress from J. Peterman

1927 Dress from J. Peterman

This beaded dress with silk lining will make you want to shimmy like a flapper all night long.

This one is quite a splurge but if you go to fancy parties and are big on the 1920s it might be worth the investment. This dress seems to be a staple of the J. Peterman catalog. Many other dresses retire but this one still keeps coming back.

I just keep think how amazing it would be to wear this for an elegant New Year's Eve party.

Presidential Menswear

The second Presidential debate is today. My husband and his coworker Mia came up with a great idea of putting together some key menswear pieces in the spirit of the upcoming election. Here are some of the accessories. These are not necessarily vintage style but they are still fun!




Seamed Stockings from Nordstrom Rack

I adore seamed stockings and wish I had more of them. They give such a sexy yet elegant look to any outfit. Seamed stockings were very prevalent in the 1930s and the 1940s.

New seamed stockings are hard to find but I pretty much always see them at my local Nordstrom Rack. Their $4 pairs are poor quality. Most of them rip within one or two wearings so it's not even worth the cheap cost. I'm wondering if these are better!

When you look for seamed stockings, make sure they are in basic colors and that the seam is thin without any added extras (like bow designs or actual bows or something). In hosiery there is a fine line between classy and trampy.

3 for $30


They also come in Powder with Black seams. And these have cuban heels!

Pan Am Bags from ModCloth

ModCloth Flight Against Time Bag - $155.99 (Sale price $108.99)

I love vintage style airplane bags! Especially with airline branding. Oh how I wish I had the real deal from when I traveled on Pan Am and TWA. 

I am not a big fan of ModCloth but I do love their accessories. These bags are a bit pricey but if you were a fan of the short lived Pan Am show or you love vintage airline accessories, then it might be worth investing in one key piece before they go away.

Faux Fur Grey Coat

- $330.00 (sale price $198.00)

I love it in old movies when a young woman is struggling to make ends meet but still pines for a fur coat. They often times buy it or put it on layaway even though it's cost is the equivalent of a month's salary. It was such a treasured luxury.

Like smoking, fur was much more glamorous back in the early part of the 20th century than it is now. I would never wear real fur but I would love to buy a faux fur coat like this one! It looks both luxurious and comfortable.

Tip: the above coat is available at Lord & Taylor. Sign up for their newsletter for tips on sales as well as downloadable coupons for in-store deals or for coupon codes for online purchases. They have LOTS of sales.

Cloche Hats at Target

I love Autumn because it means I get to break out my collection of about a dozen cloche hats and wear them every day! I have long hair which isn't the best for cloche hats but I don't care. I love wearing them anyways and I always seem to get a lot of compliments so I must be doing something right. 

I always find amazing cloche hats at decent prices at Target. They are so tempting to buy! I wish I had space to store more so I can grow my collection.

I might break down and buy this one. A yellow cloche hat! I've never seen one in that color.

I love buckle detail!

I'm in love! I don't have a green cloche hat. So that's my excuse for wanting this one.

As long as Target keeps selling cloche hats, I'll keep buying them.

Pleated Skirt

Above is Dim Berry but it's also available in Nightfall Blue, Skyline Gray and Black.

I love pleated skirts! They were very popular in the 1930s and 1940s and then again in the 1980s. I like that they are coming back into style. This is a very good price for the skirt but I'm worried about that pleather trim. Not sure if it makes it uncomfortable to wear.