Seamed Stockings from Nordstrom Rack

I adore seamed stockings and wish I had more of them. They give such a sexy yet elegant look to any outfit. Seamed stockings were very prevalent in the 1930s and the 1940s.

New seamed stockings are hard to find but I pretty much always see them at my local Nordstrom Rack. Their $4 pairs are poor quality. Most of them rip within one or two wearings so it's not even worth the cheap cost. I'm wondering if these are better!

When you look for seamed stockings, make sure they are in basic colors and that the seam is thin without any added extras (like bow designs or actual bows or something). In hosiery there is a fine line between classy and trampy.

3 for $30


They also come in Powder with Black seams. And these have cuban heels!

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