"Vintage Brand New" is my term for new clothes and accessories that have a vintage style. With this blog, I'd like to feature some of the new items out on the market that honor the styles of the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Perhaps fashion retailers will catch on that vintage style is something that a lot of us want and are willing to buy.

So why don't I just buy vintage instead of searching for "Vintage Brand New"? For a few reasons, I love vintage but I'm not very good at buying it or taking care of it. There are not a lot of thrift stores and vintage shops in my area. I don't know how to sew. And my biggest reason is size. It's hard to find real vintage in my size.

This blog is for vintage lovers. For those of you who buy vintage but want to supplement your wardrobe with some newer pieces but still maintain your overall vintage style. And it's also for those of you, who like me, do not have access to vintage or do not have the skills to take care of vintage.

I hope you like the blog! If you have an amazing Vintage Brand New find and would like to submit it for posting on this blog, email me at Quellelove at G-mail.

Advertising Disclosure
- I use Google for advertising on this site. I also use affiliate links. See blow. I try to only link to stores I normally shop at (or at least I wish I shopped at!).

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If it's not a vendor listed above, then it's not an affiliate.

I am not sponsored by anybody. The products I post on this blog are ones I find on my own. The only compensation I get is by using affiliate links and from Adsense advertising. I post links that are affiliate links and ones that aren't. I'm only motivated to share the products I like and not go exclusively affiliate.

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