Ivory Lace Dress

$96.75 (sale price)

It's so difficult to find full-sleeve or three-quarter sleeve dresses these days. This one is gorgeous, has a vintage style and has a decent skirt length as well. L&T has become my go-to source for great dresses and most of the dresses in my current wardrobe are from their store.

Waist Belts

Waist belts are essential in a vintage style wardrobe. They are great for creating curves and getting that cinched-in waist look that was so popular in the 1950s especially. Here are some waist belt options available online.




My Only Hope Belt - ModCloth

Geo Buckle Waist Belt  - Forever 21

Comes in red (above), cream and black all with gold buckle & detail.
I think this one is my favorite of the lot!

Medium Patent Waist Belt  - Forever 21

Comes in coral (above), taupe and black

Striped Elastic Belt  - Forever 21

Twist Buckle Wide Belt - Forever 21

Zappos - $75.00

Comes in blue (above), red and black. Buckles in the back for convenience.




Comes in Blue (above) and Pink Ruby.

Waist Cinchers

The holidays and days of gluttony are over. It's back to squeezing into your vintage style clothes. Here are some waist cinchers that will help you get back into those tight dresses and high waisted skirts and pants.


Wearer's Pride Waist Corselet in Black


Garter Belts

Surprise that special someone with a peek at one of these garter belts. Ooh la la! Here are some garter belts available online.


Pour Moi? Versaille Garter Belt  - Fig Leaves

Wandering Thoughts Garter Skirt



Also comes in Black

Holiday Party Outfit - Pink and Silver

This dress is a show stopper! V-back dresses were really popular especially in the 1950s and it's difficult to find party dresses with long sleeves. If you've got a great back and want to show it off, this is the dress for you. And I especially love the combination of pink and silver. It's quite dazzling.



This bag is so beautiful!


Rhinestoned Water Lily Earrings  - Forever 21

In Cream/Silver