Nautical Look

I love the nautical look. It's so classic and never goes out of style. Here is an outfit I pieced together with nautical style items.

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Nautical Stud Set  - Forever 21

Nautical Ring  - Forever 21



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Sweater Chain from ModCloth

Behold Together Pin


I really wish sweater chains would make a comeback. Cardigans are still worn by many and what a great way to dress them up while also preventing the cardigan from riding down.

I love this one from ModCloth and I hope they'll make more available!

Nautical Dress from Lord & Taylor


I saw this dress the other day at Lord & Taylor and fell in love with it. It's lined and if you have the figure it's very flattering. A great 1940s nautical look. However, it didn't work for my body type so I had to pass it up for another dress. I was really sad and I kept dreaming about all the amazing accessories that I could have worn with it. Drat.

Everything at Lord & Taylor is 25% off until April 26th. That's a great deal! Online use promo code FRIENDS to apply the discount. At the store it's discounted for you at the cash wrap.

Back Seam Hosiery

Hanes Hosiery circa 1958 (Image Source: 20th Century Man)

I love hosiery with the classic back seam. Here are a few options available to purchase online. The ModCloth seam fish nets look just live the ones in the picture above!

Dream Seam Tights

Dream Seam Tights - ModCloth

Hue Back Seam Tights - Nordstrom
$18.00 (Sale Price)