Rose Accessories from Forever 21

While browsing on Forever 21's website, I noticed they had a lot of really cool accessories with rose prints or shapes. Roses add such a classic look to any vintage style wardrobe. Here are some of the rose accessories I found in my search.

Rhinestone Rose Studs from Forever 21

Rosebud Cosmetic Case from Forever 21

Floral Tweezer Set from Forever 21
$3.80 (also comes in black)

Wild Rose Travel Umbrella from Forever 21

Tea Rose Scarf from Forever 21

Antiqued Rose Ring from Forever 21

Dark Rose Tattoo Tights from Forever 21


Rose Cosmetic Brush Set from Forever 21



Luxe Rose Necklace from Forever 21
$10.80 (also comes in black roses)

$4.80 (also comes in cream)

Vintage Style Shoes from DSW



$59.95 (also comes in Brown/Tan)

Tahari Brett Pump from DSW 
$69.95 (also comes in Black, Beige and Brown)

CL by Laundry Home Run Pump from DSW
(also comes in two other colors)

$49.95 (also comes in Black)

Steal the Look ~ Yvonne De Carlo - Bathing Beauty

I love this stunning photograph of Yvonne De Carlo! You can look like a bathing beauty too in this ensemble. I imagined this outfit being sage or olive green, gold and white although you can dream whatever color combo you want by using this black-and-white photo as your canvas.



Cat-Eye Sunglasses - Forever 21

The Great Gatsby Collection for Brooks Brothers

Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby (2013) is in theaters now. Will you watch? I know I will simply for all the delicious Art Deco eye candy in the form of 1920s style clothes and decor. My husband came home with a brochure for Brooks Brothers' The Great Gatsby Collection. The line is stunning! It's missing a lot of pieces though which is disappointing. I wish some of the suits came in sets instead of just the blazer or jacket. So this would be for any gentleman who already has some key stylish pieces in his wardrobe and wants to dress them up with a 1920s twist.

Nautical Look

I love the nautical look. It's so classic and never goes out of style. Here is an outfit I pieced together with nautical style items.

$59.62 (sale price)

$20.00 (Sale Price)

Nautical Stud Set  - Forever 21

Nautical Ring  - Forever 21



$54.95 (Sale Price)